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RerunIt™.com features memorable interview clips with “classic” television and film celebrities and personalities who have helped create and define American pop culture, becoming icons in their own right in the process. This rare, exclusive content is repurposed and presented from television and radio interviews dating back to the 1970’s. New video packages are added regularly to the Now Playing section of the Home page. Previous clips are then moved to the RerunIt™ Library where they remain accessible on-demand. New interview content is also produced regularly and is strategically added to the site, as well.

From hundreds of hours of interviews, RerunIt™.com is designed to entertain fans, while offering a fascinating, if not historical, rear view mirror perspective on the role and influence of television, film and its stars on American pop culture. Enhancing each segment are current wrap-arounds containing biographical and background information on each featured guest. Site host Brad Lemack, a seasoned talk show host, interviewer and pop culture fan, introduces site visitors to these rarely seen clips from his career collection with a personal perspective on the contributions of each person featured.

The RerunIt™ Audience Page is where fans can post their comments about the clips they have watched on the site, referring to favorite episodes and characters from their favorite stars and shows featured.
A key feature of the site is the RerunIt™ Shop, providing an easy opportunity for visitors to purchase DVDs, CDs, books and related products associated with featured guests to enhance their personal collections of media that have inspired and entertained them.

RerunIt™ Alerts allow visitors to sign up for advance notification just before new content is added to the site, affording them the opportunity to be among the first to view and comment on the new video packages.
RerunIt™.com is a venture of Los Angeles-based RerunIt™, LLC


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