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A “Brady” dilemma: What would William Shakespeare say?

I loved interviewing Robert Reed. The three interview segments with him that you can now watch on-demand were lifted from a much longer chat we had. So, more segments will be coming in the future.

One on the things that I remember the most about about our early 1990’s interview was sensing how conflicted Robert was over the fame, fortune and success that “The Brady Bunch” earned him.

He was a classically trained actor whose resume was full of the kinds of credits that any working actor would be proud of. But, it was his role as Mike Brady that earned him the notoriety that all of his previous work never could. He will always been remembered as Mike Brady — and that’s were his conflict was born. He recognized the joys that his television success brought him, but he, in many ways, would have preferred to have been remembered for a role of deeper impact, not that pop culture icon status is anything to sneeze at.

Clearly, it’s not. Either way you look at it, his resume is, indeed, respectable. You can view his complete listing of credits at

Robert talks about his career, his resume and what he hoped would be/could be his legacy in Segment 3 of our exclusive interview with him, titled “The Mixed Blessing of a Legacy,” now playing on-demand on the Home Page. Having just watched it again, I think you “Brady Bunch” fans will find it interesting viewing.

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From Los Angeles, Brad Lemack.