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Beyond “One Day at a Time …”

The cast of "One Day at a Time": (L to R) Pat Harrington , Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin and Mackenzie Phillips.

The cast of "One Day at a Time":(L to R) Pat Harrington, Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin and Mackenzie Phillips.

Bonnie Franklin is a TV pioneer.

In her role as Anne Romano, single mother of two teenage girls struggling to get her life back on track after a divorce, she gave a voice and she gave hope to millions of other women who were in the same position. That was in 1975 when CBS-TV premiered another to-be hit series from producer Norman Lear, One Day at a Time.

When the series ended its run an astounding nine years later, American television audiences had literally grown up with Bonnie’s TV daughter’s Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli. They also watch building super Schneider (played by Pat Harrington) routinely come and go through the Romano’s front door, with his master key (rather than a door bell) announcing his presence.

More importantly, audiences watched the evolution of Bonnie’s Anne Romano. From vulnerable to empowered, Anne faced the issues most parents face in raising their kids; she also faced her personal demons in her journey to become a whole person again without compromising her values or her family along the way.

Indeed, Bonnie Franklin was, is, a pioneer and a role model.

Personally, she achieved another rather note worthy accolade that may have been lost among television viewers who forgot (or didn’t know) that Bonnie, like so many other actors in television, came from the stage, the Broadway stage. In fact, she received a prestigious Tony Award nomination from the first show she ever did on Broadway, the musical Applause.

As if you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan.

Coming soon to are our interview segments with Bonnie which we think fans of hers and of One Day at a Time will really enjoy watching. In the meantime, we invite to take watch the full length episodes from which our clips will be taken.

Bonnie talks about her life and her career in the business of acting on our Web TV series Inside the Business of Acting. The series is designed to help empower young people who want to have their own careers as actors. Career-seeking actor or otherwise, we invite your viewership — and your comments.

From Los Angeles, Brad Lemack.