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The Making of George Jefferson …

Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley

I first met Sherman in the early 1980’s when I worked for producer Norman Lear as the publicist for “The Jeffersons,” which became the longest running series in the history of television at that time.

Through “The Jeffersons” and particularly the years that followed, there were many memorable moments. Being Isabel Sanford’s manager, I was able to place both of them into many television and film projects where their contributions to American pop culture were celebrated as they recreated their roles of George and Louise Jefferson, including many personal appearance trips to Italy where “The Jeffersons” grew to be a tremendous hit.

I have always thought that both Isabel and Sherman never quite got their due. For me, they will always been one of television’s most memorable, yet most overlooked, duos.

It is, indeed, the end of an era.

We have just uploaded a nearly ten minute segment of my interview with Sherman from November 1992 interview for our live Beverly Hills-based coffee shop chat show. There is a short promo that just went up on You Tube. After watching that, I hope you will view the entire piece at for a really interesting look at the making of George Jefferson as Sherman tells it.

In honoring Sherman, we also honor Isabel and have returned her to the Now Playing section. On the Home page, you can run (or rerun) the first segment of our three parter with her from 1992. The other two segments are available for viewing on-demand in the RerunIt Library.

I hope they are both smiling down on us from their “deelux” apartment in the sky …


Before the Dark Knight rose …

Christian Bale is The Dark Knight

Christian Bale is The Dark Knight

Long before the Dark Knight could rise, Bob Kane put pen to paper and created one of the greatest superhero icons ever. That was back in 1939 when Kane created The Bat-Man – and the rest is pop culture history.

Back in 1992, Bob Kane was a guest on our Beverly Hills-based coffee shop chat show Lemack & Company LIVE. While we have featured some clips from that interview in the collection previously, we have just added nearly 18 minutes of never-before-seen (since its original live broadcast) footage from that program.

In it, Kane talks about his background, his upbringing, how The Bat-Man came to be created – and what he thinks of those who have donned the cape and played the role on film and in television up to that time.

My bad 1990’s hair asides, I am happy to share this with you. Enjoy!

Brad Lemack, Los Angeles, Summer 2012

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