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A ground-breaking series and the launching of a “new” career …

Robert Mandan (R) and the cast of "Soap"

The cast of "Soap"

Television fame is an interesting thing. Actors who have worked for years in theatre are suddenly “discovered” and cast in a high-profile role in a ground-breaking series and a “new” career is launched.

Such was the case of established actor Robert Mandan when he was cast as Chester Tate in the controversial, new 1977 comedy series “Soap.”

I was a big fan of the show. Way back in 1977, before moving to Los Angeles, I got to interview series creator and producer Susan Harris for my WBZ Radio/Boston interview show.

Then, in 1992, we were lucky enough to have series star Robert Mandan pay us a visit on “Lemack & Company Live,” our little Beverly Hills-based coffee shop chat show. We talked about his life before, during and after his role as Chester Tate.

We just added that interview to our collection; we also just uploaded a short promo onto YouTube. If you, too, were a “Soap” fan, I think you will find what Robert had to say, particularly about the TV casting process, quite interesting.

Thanks for giving it a look!

Brad Lemack

Los Angeles, CA