What a kid wouldn’t do for a free bike!

Art Linkletter was every kid's friend on his long-time, favorite afternoon show "House Party."

Art Linkletter was every kid's friend on his long-running and popular afternoon TV show "House Party."

For a generation of us baby boomers, TV pioneer Art Linkletter was our hero. He gave away bicycles … and what kid wouldn’t line up for a shot at that? Still active today in his 90’s, Art helped define the first generation of “reality” television. In fact, he was the first person in broadcasting history to do live, “man-on-the-street” interviews. Talk about a pop culture icon. He earned his stripes the hard way, live, in front of millions of people every afternoon for years.

Now playing on the RerunIt.com Home Page is Segment 2 of our exclusive interview with the wonderful Art Linkletter, titled “I Gave Away Bicycles!” In his own words, it’s a fascinating look back at how television impacted the culture in which lived and the memories we hold dear from those many afternoons in front of our TV sets.

Art Linkletters’ DVDs and books are all part of the Art Linkletter collection now available for purchase in the RerunIt Shop at special RerunIt prices.

In the meantime, enjoy Segment 2 and please feel free to share your comments and “House Party” memories with us here on the RerunIt Audience Page.

From Los Angeles, Brad Lemack.

One thought on “What a kid wouldn’t do for a free bike!

  1. Kevin Saunders

    I have many fond memories of watching Art Linkletter’s show as a kid with my grandmother. Thanks for these interview clips. I am really enjoying all of them.


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