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A young Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris, co-stars of "Lost in Space."

A young Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris, co-stars of "Lost in Space."

It was becoming a crowded universe in the 1960’s. In between weekly episodes of both “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek,” space had to be made for NASA to do its thing. We were a space-curious people then – and, even today, given the huge numbers of sci-fi fans who attend conventions and gatherings all over the planet to celebrate their favorite shows, films and characters, that’s not going away — and I’m with you.

They were two boldly different series boldly going where no show had gone before. But, each was exploring the universe with a very different approach. Both series were eager to make their marks and, in the process, gather the fan base needed to sustain a long journey (or “run,” as it were).

Now playing on the Home Page is Segment 2 of our exclusive interview with “Lost in Space” co-star Bill Mumy, a/k/a Will Robinson, titled “Competition in Space.” For you true blue “Lost in Space” fans, you’ll love it; for you “Trek” people, you might find what Bill has to say about the differences between the two shows kind of interesting. In short, watch it!

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From Los Angeles, Brad Lemack.

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