From “The Bat-Man” to “The Dark Knight”: Thank you, Bob Kane (Segment #2)!

Bob Kane, Creator of Batman

Bob Kane, Creator of Batman

With “Dark Knight” still breaking box office records (even though it has slipped to second place in the rankings this week), the enduring popularity of the cartoon character Bob Kane created back in the late 1920’s has created a legacy for both Kane and “The Bat-Man” far beyond Kane’s wildest imagination.

We just added our Segment #2 with Bob Kane, titled “The Legacy.” In our interview, taped back in the early 1990’s just after the first “Batman” feature was released, Kane, himself, admitted that he had no idea where “this thing” would go.

It’s fascinating to watch.

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From Los Angeles, Brad Lemack.

3 thoughts on “From “The Bat-Man” to “The Dark Knight”: Thank you, Bob Kane (Segment #2)!

  1. MichaelA

    Thank you for this! I have seen “The Dark Knight” six times! By the way, Bob Kane does look a little like an older “Bruce Wayne.” Can’t wait for the next segment!

  2. SheilaAbor.

    Most of my guy friends just love this movie. But, so do I! I think the darkness of the film overall, not just the characters, gives each of them a dimension, or an emotional life, that was lacking in the previous films. Bravo to Heath Ledger. What an extraordinary actor he was. How sad he never lived to see the impact of his work in this film. I hope he gets an Academy Award nomination (at least) for this. Looking forward to watching your next segment with Mr. Kane, and, by the way, I agree with you. Adam West was my favorite, too. 🙂


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